I am a Boston based Photographer. I live in East Bridgewater Ma. But I will            

    also travel to warm destinations for weddings.. hint hint… 

   Well this is an “about me” so read up!

   I am married to my high school sweetheart

   I self tattoo myself (My wedding date is tattooed on knuckles 7.9.05)

My boys are the cutest kids ever (not even debating this)

I love my Prius and obsess about Hotrods. And I couldn’t live without a podcast in my car.

I love Thai food and Sushi

I love to learn (now that I am out of school)

I am learning to play the Mandolin, Guitar and Ukulele

I love to Golf but never get a chance to

I am always amazed by sunsets and always point them out to people

I love cigars and Cider. I am Gluten and Dairy Free…so don’t be offended if i turn down food

I try to sneak in a beard every couple months but never succeed (Wife 100+ Matt 0)

I love my chickens and my garden… I love to be outside!


Matt Wood Photography
484 Bedford st
East Bridgewater, Ma. 02333