Amy + Alby Wedding – Fruitlands Museum – Harvard Ma

This season is FLYING by! I feel like the last month with seniors and weddings I feel like I have been either shooting or editing and I am pretty sure that has been all my free time… Don’t get me wrong I love every minute of it. I feel good seeing where I have been and where I am going with my art/passion/career/life. I actually took a whole day (well until the boys went to bed) off this last Sunday after shooting Friday and Saturday weddings and put the family in the car and drove down to Plymouth to watch the waves after the storm and a little sightseeing and showing the boys places I have been in the area. We are so lucky to have such great kids who pretty much go with the flow wherever we want to go. I took them out to lunch at the Cabby Shack and strongly suggested they try the sashimi tuna.. they were reluctant at first but finally gave in and tried it.. As for the seaweed salad not so much. I figured I would share a little of my life with you since I did something other than shooting all day and editing. Make sure you take time for life and family as much as you can… I am going to keep this short today but the pictures will speak more…now get back to work!!

Amy and Alby’s wedding was at the Fruitland Museum in Harvard Ma overlooking some beautiful rolling hills in the distance. Their ceremony was a picturesque site beside the large willow and long green field. Just across the lot they had dinner and dancing with a perfect view of the sunset to the back of the tent. The amount of smiles and laughter from them and they guests was amazing. They danced the night away and finished the night off with a sparkler exit!! Enjoy!!



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