Bay Path Farm Love Session – Cate + Justin

I am really digging shooting with couples with this new format. I am not only shooting couples more intimately but I am also shooting with an entirely different brand of camera than I have in the past. The new camera is a Fuji XPro2 it is fantastic to say the least and WAY less intrusive than my large DSLR with huge lenses. This is the wave of the future!!!

Well on to the session with Cate and Justin!! Cate and Justin have been married for a few years and when I contacted them to do this shoot they were up for whatever I had in mind!! Well here it is!! Enjoy!!!!

CateandJustin-1 CateandJustin-2 CateandJustin-3 CateandJustin-4 CateandJustin-6 CateandJustin-7 CateandJustin-8 CateandJustin-9 CateandJustin-10 CateandJustin-11 CateandJustin-12 CateandJustin-13 CateandJustin-14 CateandJustin-15 CateandJustin-16 CateandJustin-17 CateandJustin-18 CateandJustin-19 CateandJustin-20 CateandJustin-21 CateandJustin-22 CateandJustin-23 CateandJustin-24 CateandJustin-25 CateandJustin-26 CateandJustin-27 CateandJustin-28 CateandJustin-29 CateandJustin-30 CateandJustin-31 CateandJustin-32 CateandJustin-33 CateandJustin-34 CateandJustin-35 CateandJustin-36 CateandJustin-37 CateandJustin-38 CateandJustin-39 CateandJustin-40 CateandJustin-41 CateandJustin-42 CateandJustin-43 CateandJustin-44 CateandJustin-45 CateandJustin-46 CateandJustin-47 CateandJustin-48 CateandJustin-49

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