Berkshires Love Session – Sharrel + Phil

SOOOOO…. I had the honor and privilege of hanging out with Sharrel and Phil out in the Berkshires this past weekend, so we did what the “Cool” people do… We went blueberry picking/eating/catching thrown blueberries in our mouths , took a quick hike and hung out at some local restaurants and shops. I have wanted to do a  shoot to show real people showing closeness, emotions and love . I think we all nailed those categories on the head. I am calling these “Love Session”

If anyone is interested in this type of session please message me! Enjoy!!!!!!


SharrelandPhil-1 SharrelandPhil-2 SharrelandPhil-3 SharrelandPhil-4 SharrelandPhil-5 SharrelandPhil-6 SharrelandPhil-7 SharrelandPhil-8 SharrelandPhil-9 SharrelandPhil-10 SharrelandPhil-11 SharrelandPhil-12 SharrelandPhil-13 SharrelandPhil-14 SharrelandPhil-15 SharrelandPhil-16 SharrelandPhil-17 SharrelandPhil-18 SharrelandPhil-19 SharrelandPhil-20 SharrelandPhil-21 SharrelandPhil-22 SharrelandPhil-23 SharrelandPhil-24 SharrelandPhil-25 SharrelandPhil-26 SharrelandPhil-27 SharrelandPhil-28 SharrelandPhil-29 SharrelandPhil-30 SharrelandPhil-31 SharrelandPhil-32 SharrelandPhil-33 SharrelandPhil-34 SharrelandPhil-35 SharrelandPhil-36 SharrelandPhil-37 SharrelandPhil-38 SharrelandPhil-39 SharrelandPhil-40 SharrelandPhil-41 SharrelandPhil-42 SharrelandPhil-43 SharrelandPhil-44 SharrelandPhil-45 SharrelandPhil-46 SharrelandPhil-47 SharrelandPhil-48 SharrelandPhil-49 SharrelandPhil-50 SharrelandPhil-51 SharrelandPhil-52 SharrelandPhil-53 SharrelandPhil-54 SharrelandPhil-55 SharrelandPhil-56 SharrelandPhil-57 SharrelandPhil-58 SharrelandPhil-59 SharrelandPhil-60 SharrelandPhil-61 SharrelandPhil-62 SharrelandPhil-63 SharrelandPhil-64 SharrelandPhil-65 SharrelandPhil-66 SharrelandPhil-67

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