Cara + Jonathan Boston Wedding – Courtyard Boston Downtown

Hi!!! Long time no see… Well Maybe.. Maybe not. Well if you haven’t seen me in a while then yea… But if you have never mind. That reminds me of when you have met someone like 10 times and they say “Nice to meet you” … I am in no way perfect, and I am terrible at names… But I know faces.. Thats kind of my superpower??/8th sense along with directions. Just as a side note while I am typing this my new baby chicks are trying to fly out of their indoor “coop” and are scaring me non stop…. Well back to the subject of not really having a subject… I will let you guys go and check out the blog before I bore you of meaningless banter and random play by play about my chickens.

I was so excited to shoot Cara and Jonathan’s wedding a few weeks ago at the Courtyard Boston. They are so amazingly easy going people and that made the day a delight. I also had a good friend Jeff Turner along to second shoot for me which was a pleasure.

It was an exciting day throughout and was free of stress other than when we went to get my car to drive C&J to the gardens and the parking lot attendant lost my keys… Other than that it was a fantastic day!!

Well here we go enjoy!!!



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