Daryun + John Engagement Session – Brookwood Farm – Canton Ma

I am so excited to show everyone this engagement session for two reasons… One I am in love with it!! Like LOVE LOVE LOVE and second I love this couple!!

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is the fact that I feel like I am constantly learning and trying new things (photography wise and culture wise) I feel like my couples are always keeping me on my toes and that is just my style!!

I had my wedding meeting with Daryun and John at a Japanese hot pot restaurant in Quincy where they feed me all types of food that would normally not be on my path of life and I loved every part of it… Although I am not bummed they didn’t have a particular meaty item in stock at the time I am always up for a challenge and if you know me I am always looking for new restaurants and food to try… Anyways back to the to the topic on hand here is their engagement session from earlier this week at Brookwood farm in Canton we all had a lot of fun laughing and goofing around. I really love this place it just has a mellow and relaxed feel to the grounds. Daryun and John I can’t wait for your wedding day!!! Enjoy the images for now and I am bummed I didn’t get to have some of your mom’s Pho soup!!


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