Denille + Terrance – The Villa at Ridder Country Club Wedding – East Bridgewater Ma

I am super happy right now for two reasons!! First is I get to show you the blog post from Denille and Terrance’s fall wedding!! Second I just put on some new fleece sweatpants and I am currently drinking a cup of Harvest tea… Ok.. Now how do you name a flavor of tea after something you do on a farm? Who tastes a tea they just custom flavored and says ” This tastes like a harvest.”  Not only that but who agrees with you and says “You know what? You are right that does taste like harvest.” Now you must be thinking well “why did you buy it” I will not take credit for the purchasing of the tea but I am truly a fan of the flavor even though it is super misleading ….. Speaking of harvest and harvesting and farms, Denille and Terrance had their first look at Sachem Rock farm in East Bridgewater. I tried my best to get as much out of the available light and make sure the bridesmaids did not get any frostbite before the ceremony. After first look and formals we went to The Villa for the ceremony and reception!! What a great group of people they had to spend the day with!! Big thanks to Heather (my wife/second shooter) and Keri for running the Knot Booth!!

And the biggest thanks and congratulations to Denille and Terrance!!



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