Dina + Aaron Wedding – Morton’s The Steakhouse – Boston Ma

I have been very bad at keeping up with the blog lately since things have been a little chaotic lately…  But I am going to get back on track now that I am kind of caught up.

Have you ever gone back to use something you haven’t used in a while and get a nostalgic feeling? Like putting on a pair of jeans from years ago for the first time in years and you relive the feelings and mood you were in when you wore those in the past? Well I had a feeling like that yesterday when I shot with an older camera of mine while my new camera was in the shop being repaired.. On a side note shooting over 125,000 images in less than a year will cause you to send in your new camera for repairs early…. Anyways… I grabbed my old (2009-2010 model) Nikon D3 (with about 200,000+ images taken with it) and brought it to a wedding with my friend Rachel yesterday and once I started shooting with it I instantly got this feeling of nostalgia and it just felt right. The feel of the heavy, tough and worn body with the rubber grips falling off from being used and used capturing happy and loving memories for years. The rendition of colors on the LCD and the mood of the grain in the images just felt right. It is very different from the new, small, quicker camera that gives such clean files it almost feels like cheating. I am not saying I fell out of love with photography at all but I fell head over heals for it again…very similar to the times when I first started out with my old D3.. I felt refreshed and more creative with every click. I felt myself just waiting for moments to happen and trying my hardest to capture the exact thing I was seeing in my head. It was quite a refresher. I am in love.

And speaking of love… haha.. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting Dina and Aaron’s Wedding. Not the traditional wedding… Which I love non traditional weddings.. We started off early in the morning on a beach in South Boston.. It was about 45degrees if I remember correctly. It was a very small ceremony with just family attending. They wanted to be wearing sweatshirts, ball caps and no shoes… So thats what they got.. After the ceremony they got dressed in their wedding attire and we took a little walk in around the seaport then to their reception at Morton’s The Steakhouse with its beautiful atrium!! Well here you go!! Enjoy!!!



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