Kate + Mat’s Wedding – Red Jacket Inn -North Conway NH

Thats right people here we go again!! Back to back blogging days!! Not much has changed since yesterday life wise… I did get a ton of editing done though and can’t wait to show you this wedding of Kate and Mat’s in the mountains of New Hampshire in North Conway. North Conway brings me back to when I was young and used to have time to go snowboarding.. Lets be real real now that was a good 20 years ago. This time I was able to bring along my partner in crime Heather… She not only is a great mom/wife/medium/yoga teacher/real estate agent and photographer but she is mine forever 🙂  I may have had to bribe her with lunch before at the Stairway Cafe in North Conway center… But lets face it I really wanted to go to… They are truly awesome there with their allergy friendly cooking (GF,DF, Vegan etc.) that it wasn’t a hard choice to leave the house early to grab a bite before the wedding. Anyways… I really get off topic real quickly… I am here to show you guys Kate and Mat’s Wedding!!! I did Kate and Mat’s Engagement at Blithwold Mansion a while back and it was probably the windiest place I had ever been that day. I mean we still bring up how insanely windy that day was in Bristol RI. and for their wedding day it was a glorious warm fall day!! The leaves had just started to turn. They got married up on the hill at the Fox ridge resort and then headed back to the Red Jacket inn right down the street. I couldn’t help but keep pulling them outside for the amazing sunset and twilight shots!! Well I hope everyone enjoys the images as much as I do and hope you can relive the day we had!! Also look out for the water thief below 😉 Congrats and ENJOY!!!



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