Malini + Peter’s Private Beach Wedding – Edgartown Marthas Vineyard

I know I have been away from the blog for a while. I have been straight out with life. I am delivering products but have not had time to get blog posts up. I am sorry for that and now that I have caught up I will be catching up on this summer and falls weddings! Malini and Peter are absolutely adorable together they laugh and smile ear to ear when they are together and I love it . It really is true love. I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph and video their private beach wedding on the vineyard this summer with my favorite second shooter ever my wife Heather!! Well here you guys go check it out and enjoy!!maliniandpeterblog-2 maliniandpeterblog-1 maliniandpeterblog-3 maliniandpeterblog-4 maliniandpeterblog-9 maliniandpeterblog-5 maliniandpeterblog-6 maliniandpeterblog-7 maliniandpeterblog-8 maliniandpeterblog-10 maliniandpeterblog-11 maliniandpeterblog-12 maliniandpeterblog-13 maliniandpeterblog-14 maliniandpeterblog-15 maliniandpeterblog-16 maliniandpeterblog-17 maliniandpeterblog-18 maliniandpeterblog-19 maliniandpeterblog-20 maliniandpeterblog-21 maliniandpeterblog-22 maliniandpeterblog-23 maliniandpeterblog-24 maliniandpeterblog-25 maliniandpeterblog-26 maliniandpeterblog-27 maliniandpeterblog-28 maliniandpeterblog-29 maliniandpeterblog-30 maliniandpeterblog-31 maliniandpeterblog-32 maliniandpeterblog-33 maliniandpeterblog-34 maliniandpeterblog-35 maliniandpeterblog-37 maliniandpeterblog-38 maliniandpeterblog-39 maliniandpeterblog-40 maliniandpeterblog-41 maliniandpeterblog-42 maliniandpeterblog-43 maliniandpeterblog-44 maliniandpeterblog-45 maliniandpeterblog-46 maliniandpeterblog-47 maliniandpeterblog-48 maliniandpeterblog-49 maliniandpeterblog-50 maliniandpeterblog-51 maliniandpeterblog-52 maliniandpeterblog-53 maliniandpeterblog-54 maliniandpeterblog-55 maliniandpeterblog-56 maliniandpeterblog-57 maliniandpeterblog-58 maliniandpeterblog-59 maliniandpeterblog-60 maliniandpeterblog-61 maliniandpeterblog-62 maliniandpeterblog-63 maliniandpeterblog-64 maliniandpeterblog-65 maliniandpeterblog-66 maliniandpeterblog-67 maliniandpeterblog-68 maliniandpeterblog-69bee

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