Sara + Ryan – Wayside Inn Wedding – Sudbury Ma

Sara and Ryan’s Wedding…  hmmm let’s brainstorm the day…It was Fall… It was in New England… More importantly it was at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury Ma.  The fall aspect in New England is just superb because of the foliage turning from the various shades of green leaves to any possible color in the yellow to red spectrum. The weather was phenomenal, not too hot and not too cold… Like the 3 bears… “Just right.”  There were red barns, a grist mill, a ceremony by a pond under a willow tree… I mean come on is this place real?!?! This is quintessential New England in the fall. I seriously felt like I was living in a post card.

Now that the scene is set, on to Sara and Ryan.

Sara got ready in room number 9 inside the Inn which has been rumored to be haunted. Inside the room there are hundreds of notes from people who have slept in the room who wrote about their “haunting experience.” When I arrived, Sara was calmly getting her hair and makeup done while her bridesmaids looked on and kept everyone laughing. Sara’s elegant dress hung gracefully in the corner of the room with all her accessories lined up on the bed ready to be photographed.

Ryan and his groomsmen showed up to the Inn dressed perfectly. The guys did what they do best, they hung out and enjoyed each other’s company while waiting for their cue to head to the school house. Ryan kept them inline and they were all looking stellar.

Sara slipped into her dress and finished her hair off with flowers, then she set off to meet her future husband for their first look at the red school house.

The first look was just perfect for this amazing couple. After a quick session with the two of them we went across the street to the grist mill for family formals and wedding party photos.

Then off to the ceremony site.  Having the ceremony in front of the pond with the gorgeous foliage in the background and the weeping willow to the right.. Amazing!! Once the vows(I may have been wiping tears away), the exchanging of rings and the first kiss occurred, the guests were then ushered into the garden for a cocktail hour. Sara and Ryan mingled a little bit then it was time for more pictures of just the two of them. After the cocktail hour we headed inside the tent for toasts, dancing and dinner.

What a phenomenal day!!! Congratulations to Sara and Ryan !!!!

You have such a great circle of friends and family who all celebrated you two with joy and love all day long!!!

Special thanks to Jake my 2nd shooter and Terri and Beth from “Something Borrowed Something New Events” for making the day flawless!!! #AMAZING

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