Stephanie + John – Engagement Session – Camp Kiwanee

Welcome back I know it has only been a day or two since the last blog post but welcome back. I am  really excited to show you my last engagement session I shot at Camp Kiwanee. I really enjoy when people want to have a styled session. In this case they wanted to go fishing and Im not going to lie I got really excited about it. I also instantly said to my self “ We are going in the water :)” I think we picked the perfect day this summer to do this because it was about 90 degrees and the water was quite refreshing. I do watch way too much “River Monsters” so every little thing that brushed against my legs I instantly thought it was a demon fish or some type of crazy toothed creature that Jeremy Wade catches weekly. ANYWAYS… I hope you guys enjoy my last engagement portrait session!! Enjoy!!


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