Stephanie + John’s Destination Wedding – Mountain Top Inn – Chittenden, VT

Good Sunday morning!!! You know what the best feeling in the world is?? Waking up and it not being Monday after having Saturday off!! I have Saturday and Sunday off this weekend and it is amazing!! Like insanely amazing!! I have been shooting weddings every weekend since May and it is now into the winter and the weddings have slowed down which is kind of sad because I don’t get to go to a wedding and have fun every weekend but it makes time to catch up on my “honey do list” and gives me time to do other things I enjoy like woodworking…And searching for a new car 🙂 since I had to turn in my Electric car last week. I have to say I am not the type to sit on the couch and Netflix and Chill… That is sooo not me. If I do make my way to the couch it usually only lasts a couple minutes because I usually find something else to do or fall asleep. I will also just go sit on the couch and fall asleep knowing I will fall asleep in a minute or two but I can’t just go to bed like any normal person. It feels like cheating if I go to early… Well that was one uplifting and non sleepy rant I just went on. Anyways onto the wedding. I have known Stephanie and John since high school and was thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding in Vermont! I have some fun stories of John and I plowing for the town years ago but I don’t think I should put such stories of our shenanigans on the internet 🙂 I also very lucky to have my favorite second shooter(my wife Heather) along for the wedding!! Well you can look at the images and watch the story being told by them. Enjoy and congrats guys!!!

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